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Our Corporate Philosophies

家であるホテル、 家族である社員がともに繁栄すること

Prosper with our hotels and colleagues, who are our homes and families


Love the work, receive recognition and grow independent


Contribute to society and prosper with our communities


Contribute to creating Japan's culture through tourism


​Expand scale and improve quality to reach for success

At HMI Hotel Group, we place a high value on the growth and development of our team members. Our culture is founded on the principles of teamwork, communication, and respect for diversity. Being a company with a global perspective, we are dedicated to contributing to Japan's culture through tourism and promoting it as a premier destination on the world stage. Join us and become part of a dynamic team that is passionate about hospitality and dedicated to achieving excellence in all that we do.

Culture at HMI Hotel Group

HMI Hotel Group Corporate Culture
Corporate culture workplace diversity
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Love All Serve All, Unity in Diversity
At HMI Hotel Group

Love All, Serve All

It drives us to deliver the best, with sincerity, to our guests, stakeholders, employees and everyone we work with. We strive to prosper with the society at large, especially the local communities around our establishments.

Work Is Power

It is through work alone that we can create an impact in the world.

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