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New Graduates Recruitment

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Embark on a Promising Career Journey with HMI Hotel Group

HMI Hotel Group presents exciting opportunities tailored specifically for fresh graduates. Our comprehensive recruitment guide will illuminate your path, guiding you through the intricacies of the application process, offering valuable insights into entry-level positions, and equipping you with indispensable tips for success. Initiate your professional journey with HMI Hotel Group and forge a solid foundation for a promising career within the esteemed realm of hospitality. Below mentioned are the guidelines for new graduates recruitment.

Recruitment Application

To apply for ‘2024 New Graduates Recruitment’, please first ensure that you have thoroughly read through the above downloadable guidelines. After identifying your preferred career path or area of interest, kindly contact the ‘Human Resources 2024 New Graduate Recruitment In-charge’ through email with the following details:

  • [Subject: APPLICANT FULL NAME, 2024 New Graduates Recruitment].

  • In your application email please write a cover letter stating your interest in working with the company, your preferred career path or area of interest, and your contact details (email ID + phone number with international code if applicable).

  • Attach a copy of your resume/CV to your application email.

Kindly review and double check your application email before sending it to

We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining Hotel Management International Co. Ltd. By diligently following these steps, you will successfully complete the new graduate recruitment application process. We eagerly anticipate reviewing your application and wish you the best of luck in your candidacy.

HR Department 2024 New Graduate Recruitment In-charge

TEL : 03-5623-3908 (Direct)

E-mail :

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At HMI Hotel Group, our corporate philosophy encourages us to aim for a fulfilling life by embracing the transformative power of travel, where we not only learn and grow but also strive to touch the hearts of our guests through unforgettable experiences. Join us on this inspiring journey, where each day brings new opportunities to create cherished memories and make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Life is a Journey

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